The Allen App

Claudia Allen's latest publication is the Allen App. It is an electronic textbook and resource manual that includes the Allen Cognitive Disability Model (ACDM), the Allen Cognitive Levels (ACLs), and the Allen Cognitive Level Screen, 6th Edition (ACLS-6).

The Allen App is currently a web app which is an app like program that is emulated from a website. It is published as premium content, which means that it is accessed by a yearly subscription fee.

Only a smartphone (iPhone, iPad or Android) or tablet can access the Allen App. To see if your mobile device can access, click example.


A subscription to the Allen App will also provide access to:

  • Downloadable resources (recording sheet, standard appendix, handouts, and evaluative and affirmative activities)
  • Mentoring and coaching by the ACDMweb team


Access to the Allen App is free for universities and students. Click here to request access.


The Allen App can be referenced or cited as a mobile app:

APA: Allen, C.K. (2018). Allen App: the Allen Cognitive Disability Model (version 1.18) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from
Harvard: Allen, C.K. 2018, Allen App: the Allen Cognitive Disability Model, version 1.18, mobile app, viewed [insert date] <>.


The current price of an annual subscription is USD $60.00 (price is subject to change).

To purchase, click the button below. You will also need to create an account or log in.