The Allen App

The Allen App is Claudia Kay Allen’s 2016 textbook on the Allen Cognitive Disability Model (ACDM).


The Allen App organizes, updates, and makes knowledge about the ACDM accessible internationally, now. For a comprehensive description of the unique, highly specialized knowledge, see the page ACDM.


The Allen App was written, and is constantly being updated, by Claudia. The advantage of replacing the printing press is rapid knowledge development. However, small, portable screens demand concise, essential and practical information.


The Allen App is published on this website as premium content, which means that it is accessed by a yearly subscription fee. No prerequisite qualifications are needed. To subscribe, see the page Subscriptions.


Subscribers have access to an extensive library on the The material is in downloadable formats.


A complete list of Claudia Kay Allen’s prior publications is available here.


The Allen App can be referenced or cited as a mobile app:

APA: Allen, C.K. (2016). Allen App (version 0.8) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from
Harvard: Allen, C.K. 2016, Allen App, version 0.8, mobile app, viewed [insert date] <>.


The Allen App can only be viewed from a smartphone or tablet.

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