ACLS-6 Supplies

The Allen Cognitive Level Screen, 6th Edition (ACLS-6) has been expanded to include standardized observations for ACL 1 and 2.

The three stitches in all former ACLS editions are retained.

Coloring, copying a design and stenciling have been added and more are being pilot tested.

The credibility of the ACL score depends on internal consistency, task equivalence and patterns of activity performance. The ACLS-6 is the beginning for establishing a credible score and teaches beginners how to look for internal consistency in different activities.

The instructions for the ACLS-6 are part of the Allen App. The ACLS scores are linked to the 25 ACL modes and are used to select activities that the individual can do.

ACLS-6 kit

The ACLS-6 kit contains:

  1. Lacing Tool
  2. Plastic lacing tool, in one size with plastic tips (PVC heat shrink) rather than the needles that fall off.

  3. Stencils
  4. Three plastic reusable stencils.

  5. Tiles
  6. The tiles are used for copying a design. The designs are the same as the recessed tile box in the Allen Diagnostic Module. Plastic cards showing four designs are included. The frame replaces the box.

ACLS-6 Replacement Laces

The ACLS-6 laces are made from vinyl. The brown and red sides of the lace provides contrasting colors for easier visibility than the old leather lacing. A rattail cord with a plastic tip is used for the running stitch.

There are 6 vinyl laces and 3 rattail cords in a pack (3 sets).

All laces are tipped with PVC heat shrink.

ACLS-6 Extra Activities

Designs for coloring and placement activities can be downloaded by subscribers.


The current prices are:

ACLS-6 kit*
USD $100.00
ACLS-6 replacement laces
USD $15.00

* Please note that the ACLS-6 kit does not contain instructions. Instructions are contained within the Allen App. To purchase both, click here.

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