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Get access to the changes in the Allen Cognitive Levels (ACLs), the Allen Cognitive Disability Model (ACDM) and the Allen Cognitive Level Screen, 6th Edition (ACLS-6) as they occur. The transmission of knowledge is done with Apps that can be used on smartphones and tablets. No printed material is, or will be, made available. Pdf files will only be used for activities, such as designs for coloring. For further information, click here.

ACLS-6 Supplies

Purchase standardized materials for the ACLS-6. For further information, click here.

Future Resources

To assist with sharing knowledge, an ACDMweb library is being prepared to collect related references and share clinical experience with different medical conditions.

If interest in new professional roles is demonstrated, guidelines will be considered in the following order of complexity: activity development, functional profiler, functional dignity protector and coordinator, and policy and knowledge development.