Accepting people with a cognitive disability, as they are now

Welcome to the official site of the Allen Cognitive Disability Model, authored and organized by Claudia Kay Allen (M.A., OTR and Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association).

My purpose is to build acceptance, now, for the millions of people who have lifelong cognitive disabilities.

The unique knowledge needed to produce actions and activities they can enjoy doing is published in my textbook, the Allen App.


People with a cognitive disability will use their cognitive abilities to do actions, activities, or occupations that they enjoy doing.


Other people will set-up the right supplies, give the skilled instructions, supervise the essential safety precautions, and negotiate the schedules that arouse and sustain their attention.


The person’s sustained attention time and senses of being accepted and respected are appreciated by them and other people.

Unique Knowledge

The Allen App contains the application of the Allen Cognitive Levels (ACLs) in three lengths for different purposes:

  • Definitions of aroused attention and causing effects are sequenced into 25 ACL modes for evaluations and methods.
  • Analyses of patterns of activity performance are provided for the 6 ACLs from an OT, medical, legal, family and advocate perspective for education of other people.
  • Lessons on how to do activity analysis to match the 25 ACL modes with actions, activities, occupations and adaptive equipment to produce what the person can and wants to do are provided.
  • Measures of effectiveness that fit the person’s ability to form a sense of comfort, safety, pleasure, security, interest, completion, satisfaction, pride or anticipation with expected sustained attention times have rating forms for 10 ACL Profiles.