The Allen Forums is intended to be a place where we can pool our knowledge and share ideas. OTs are encouraged to participate in discussions on the forums with the same type of critical analysis we sometimes do in good trainings and workshops.

That’s the ideal I am hoping for. To that end, we hunted around and found some simple conditions that other groups have used to keep the discussions in order.


A summary of the conditions governing the forums is below. For the complete conditions, click here.

Subscriber Conduct


  • Be courteous and respectful
  • Search the Allen App and forums first before posting a question / discussion
  • Be open to learning
  • Be willing to share your successes and failures


  • No spamming (commercial or personal)
  • No personal attacks
  • No off topic posts or duplicates
  • No slang or abbreviations

Moderator Conduct

  • Educate subscribers in alternative and more constructive methods for posting
  • Close or delete posts, at their discretion
  • Exclude offending subscribers for a period from the forum


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