Claudia Kay Allen

Claudia Kay Allen was a dedicated occupational therapist who spent her life (1941 - 2019) serving people with a cognitive disability. She first observed how a person's cognition or ability to process information affected their ability to function. She taught health professionals how to learn from the person and how to establish their pattern of performance. Claudia started rewriting her theory in 2014 to an international audience using an electronic format. She encouraged clinicians to share their information and learnings.

The members on ACDMweb have been working hard to fulfil Claudia's wishes to educate others on how to evaluate cognition, compensate through task modifications or compensatory techniques, and advocate for affirmative activities. Affirmative activities are carefully designed activities that captures the person's attention so they can engage in activities that keep them happily occupied.

We encourage health clinicians to join us on this journey of exploration, learning and sharing.

ACDMweb Team