The Allen Cognitive Disability Model (ACDM) is a conceptual framework for producing actions and activities that people with cognitive disabilities can feel good about doing now.

The focus of the ACDM is on the sensorimotor information that does arouse attention because those cognitive abilities can be connected to actions and activities that a person with a cognitive disability can do.

The purpose is to ensure that the person is happily occupied.

What is a Cognitive Ability / Disability?

A person's cognitive ability can be defined as their global ability to function, which is: everything the person says and does, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A cognitive disability is caused by a reduction in the physiological functions of the whole brain which reduces the cognitive ability of the person. The reductions in the qualities of information that arouse and sustain attention and in information processing speed have a global effect on the person's cognitive ability to function and their pattern of activity performance. Everything that the person says or does is reduced.